Arthur has always clung to the notion of having one woman in his life, but dangerous liaisons, amorous women and a sprinkling of magic conspire to confuse him in Derek Reid’s Passionate Arthur Flynn.

With the love and help of his mother, Arthur has earned a place at Cambridge to work towards fulfilling his long-held ambition of becoming a doctor.

But between paying for university and his daily expenses, finances are a struggle, so Arthur takes a job as an early morning milkman.

Delivering the daily pinta early in the morning won’t interfere with his studies….or so he thinks.

Very quickly Arthur finds himself doing more than just delivering milk. He becomes a listener, adviser, confident and, reluctantly, the heartthrob of the local community! And there are even more complications that have been bubbling away in the deep recesses of time awaiting him in Passionate Arthur Flynn.

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Passionate Arthur Flynn


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